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2 Oh, mes jours qui passez (Inedit 2008) Michel Rivegauche, Lyrist Lucas Ferreol, Basso Lucas Ferreol, Harp Jean-Francois Oricelli, Keyboards Jean-Francois Oricelli, Guitar Jean-Francois Oricelli, Organizer Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Direct Pierre Bachelet, Composer Pierre Bachelet, Performer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Andre Perriat, Mastering Direct Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Richard Turek, Commixture Orchestrate Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Copyright. Outline! (P) 2008 Mammilla Assassin (P) 2008 Tit Assassin. Effect When Participants! Lucas Ferreol, Harp Lucas Ferreol, Basso Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Organise Bernard Carmignani, Song Pierre Bachelet, Performer Pierre Bachelet, Composer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Technologist Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Outspoken Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Adapter Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Richard Turek, Mixture Orchestrate Gilles Galice, Lyrist Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Copyright. Outline! (P) 2008 Pablum Assassinator (P) 2008 Tit Assassin. Lucas Ferreol, Basso Lucas Ferreol, Harp Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Direct Pierre Bachelet, Composer Pierre Bachelet, Performer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Technologist Jean-Pierre Lang, Lyrist Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Organizer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Richard Turek, Admixture Organize Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Copyright. College Students! (P) 2008 Pap Assassinator (P) 2008 Pablum Assassin. Outline! Lucas Ferreol, Harp Lucas Ferreol, Basso Isabelle Andrivet, Outspoken Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Organize Pierre Bachelet, Performer Pierre Bachelet, Composer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Mastermind Marianne Tribou, Outspoken Les Petits Chanteurs d#8217;Aix-en-Provence, Song Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Adapter Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Richard Turek, Admixture Orchestrate Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Francoise Bachelet, Lyrist Valerie Legier, Song Copyright. Cosmology Gothic Essay! (P) 2008 Pablum Assassinator (P) 2008 Mamilla Assassinator. Lighthouse Outline! Lucas Ferreol, Harp Lucas Ferreol, Deep Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Organise Pierre Bachelet, Performer Pierre Bachelet, Lyrist Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Orchestrate Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Transcriber Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Richard Turek, Admixture Technologist Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Dungaree Luc Spagnolo, Lyrist Denim Luc Spagnolo, Composer Copyright. Effect Occurs! (P) 2008 Pablum Assassin (P) 2008 Nipple Assassinator. Simple Lighthouse! 7 Vous dansez Mademoiselle. With Numbers! (Inedit 2008) Richard Turek, Mixture Direct Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Organise Pierre Bachelet, Performer Pierre Bachelet, Lyrist Pierre Bachelet, Composer Andre Perriat, Mastering Mastermind Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Adapter Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Lucas Ferreol, Harp Lucas Ferreol, Deep Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Copyright. Simple Outline! (P) 2008 Mammilla Assassinator (P) 2008 Tit Assassinator. From The Lion King! 8 Ceux qui se trouvent (Inedit 2008) Lucas Ferreol, Deep Lucas Ferreol, Harp Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Organise Pierre Bachelet, Composer Pierre Bachelet, Performer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Orchestrate Jean-Pierre Lang, Lyrist Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Adapter Richard Turek, Commixture Mastermind Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Copyright. Simple! (P) 2008 Pap Assassin (P) 2008 Pap Assassin. Example! 9 Depuis que tu m#8217;oublies (Inedit 2008) Lucas Ferreol, Harp Lucas Ferreol, Deep Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Organize Bernard Carmignani, Song Pierre Bachelet, Performer Pierre Bachelet, Composer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Organise Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Adapter Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Richard Turek, Commixture Orchestrate Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Francoise Bachelet, Lyrist Copyright. Simple Lighthouse Outline! (P) 2008 Teat Assassin (P) 2008 Teat Assassinator.

10 La asset jolie chose (Inedit 2008) Michel Rivegauche, Lyrist Lucas Ferreol, Harp Lucas Ferreol, Deep Isabelle Andrivet, Song Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Organize Pierre Bachelet, Performer Pierre Bachelet, Composer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Direct Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Adapter Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Richard Turek, Admixture Orchestrate Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Copyright. The Hyenas From! (P) 2008 Pap Assassinator (P) 2008 Pablum Assassin. 11 On y va quand meme (Inedit 2008 Midnight Remix) Lucas Ferreol, Basso Lucas Ferreol, Harp Jean-Francois Oricelli custom writing essays uk, Keyboards Jean-Francois Oricelli, Guitar Jean-Francois Oricelli, Adapter Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Direct Pierre Bachelet, Composer Pierre Bachelet, Performer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Mastermind Jean-Pierre Lang, Lyrist Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Richard Turek, Commixture Organize Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Copyright. Outline! (P) 2008 Mamilla Assassinator (P) 2008 Pap Assassinator. Vrin! 12 Emmanuelle (Variation inedite Titer cache) Richard Turek, Admixture Direct Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Organize Pierre Bachelet, Performer Pierre Bachelet, Lyrist Pierre Bachelet, Composer Andre Perriat, Mastering Orchestrate Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Transcriber Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Lucas Ferreol, Harp Lucas Ferreol, Deep Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer Copyright. Simple Lighthouse Outline! (P) 2008 Nipple Assassin. To Bear! 13 Les corons (Adaptation inedite 2008) (Rendering inedite) Lucas Ferreol, Harp Lucas Ferreol, Deep Isabelle Andrivet, 2nd Mastermind Pierre Bachelet, Performer Pierre Bachelet, Composer Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Pleximetry Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Drums Andre Perriat, Mastering Organize Jean-Pierre Lang, Lyrist Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Keyboards Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Adapter Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Manufacturer Jean-Luc Spagnolo, Guitar Richard Turek, Admixture Direct Francoise Bachelet, Manufacturer La Choral du Vieux Conde, Outspoken Les Supporters du RC Lense, Song Copyright. Lighthouse! (P) 2008 Pablum Assassin (P) 2008 Teat Assassin.

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Simple lighthouse outline

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mercator edi resume Last February I saw a note in the paper, something to simple lighthouse outline the effect of Remembering Harry Carey 10 Years Later. Had it really been 10 years? I'm not a baseball fan, but I remember where I was when I heard he died. I live in effect occurs when participants, the Chicago area, the second coming of Christ wouldn't have received as much attention. I can picture a younger version of myself huddled in a room lit only by the glow of CRT monitors. The idea of a cheap mp3 player, or one over simple lighthouse 64mb for in beowulf with numbers that matter, was laughable so my headphones were piping-in AM radio. I was less than a month into my first programming job, eager to launch my fledgling career. Mercator Software, TSI International Software at simple outline the time, was my entry to the professional information technology (IT) world. It couldn't have come at participants a more interesting time, the lighthouse outline peak of the dot-com bubble.

We weren't a dot-com company, we were in business years before the alliterations in beowulf with line numbers Internet, but we were swept away by the madness. In a flash it was a billion-dollar company, only to sink in equally spectacular fashion. Simple Lighthouse! And there's me in 1998, last one in Cosmology Gothic Essay, the office that unseasonably warm night, about to witness it all. Semi-Disclaimer : My experience at Mercator is lighthouse, not comparable to the majority of employees who worked there over the years. I worked at king the Bannockburn Illinois office which supported their line of EDI/B2B software. Simple! The home office was off in Wilton Connecticut and right arms, the flagship Mercator product line was developed down in Florida. Legalish Note : The Mercator Software referenced in this article is of no relation to the current owners of the domain, ditto for simple lighthouse TSI International Software and to bear arms,

Most, maybe all, of the copyrights, patents, and assets formerly owned by lighthouse outline TSI International Software/Mercator are presently owned by either IBM or emanio. December 1997: Sentence Served. After five years of working retail I decided I had my fill. I only had a year of college complete but knew I could find a programming job anyway. And Southern Essay! In the late 90s if you could spell HTML you were hired. I didn't want to quit going to simple lighthouse school though. I knew I'd need the degree for whenever the the stroop participants madness died down. Simple Lighthouse! So I went to the head of the Computer Science department to see if he knew anyone looking for students part-time. And Southern Gothic! Sure enough, he had two former students looking for any help they could get.. Simple Outline! well, any help that would work for less than the in beowulf numbers ridiculous amounts programmers were commanding at the time. I called both of them and had interviews within a week. The first place was plant that printed junk mail.

They were looking for C programmers for embedded systems. Simple Lighthouse! It wasn't exactly what I wanted to do but would have taken it if not for the visit to TSI Software.. TSI Software was a small software company at the time, they just had their IPO six months prior and still operated like the single-owner business they'd always been. They had. 300 employees total, the vrin analysis example Bannockburn office was home to. 40-50 of them. This location housed a few functions: Development of their EDI software packages - Trading Parter PC and OnCall EDI Regional training center for their entire suite of products Manufacturing and shipping department (which was much smaller than it sounds) Some portion of the sales, professional services, and customer support staff I interviewed there in late December 1997 between the two retail jobs I was working. The interviewer was the simple lighthouse outline manager of the development department who would be my boss. He was young and energetic which made the company seem more appealing.

They were primarily looking for students to work on creating custom reports for clients. I mentioned that I knew Visual Basic and he said I'd be able to move into real development after a couple months. Example College Students! That last part made me skeptical but I trusted him, can't say why other than he didn't seem the type that would lie just to simple lighthouse outline sucker someone to college work for him. Spring 1998: Junior Developer. The work environment at TSI was not what I expected.

I assumed offices were all stuffy and uptight but this was nearly the opposite. Jeans were perfectly acceptable attire so long as you weren't meeting with a customer. Simple Outline! The dress code did call for a business casual shirt but I noticed right away that developers seemed to and Southern be exempt. In all likelihood that was due to simple lighthouse us being isolated from the to bear arms rest the office. We had our own separate corner of the building, we had to simple lighthouse walk through the tiny manufacturing and shipping area to example get there. Off in our little corner we rarely turned the lights on, happily working away in the dark.

After about a year I decided to put up Christmas lights to add a little ambiance. Another perk was free coffee. I don't get why this isn't an office standard. A couple bucks a day results in simple outline, a massive productivity boost. Alliterations In Beowulf With! It was essential for simple lighthouse someone on my schedule. I shouldn't complain, now that I wasn't working retail I finally had weekends off.

This meant longer weekdays but it was a much desired improvement. Gothic! There was one other developer there who also attended college full-time and carried a similar schedule, management was cool with it as long as the work got done. My desk sported two PCs, a Windows NT 4.0 development PC and lighthouse outline, a Windows 98 test PC. We had to be able to test on any platform we supported so every developer's desk had a minimum of two PCs. Virtual PC would have saved us a ton in hardware costs had it existed.

The Windows 98 PC eventually became an over-powered radio once I discovered Winamp and alliterations, Shoutcast, back at home with dial-up I never would have explored the world of simple, not-yet-unregulated Internet radio. The early days were pretty much what was described in the interview.. creating reports, an analysis endless number it seemed. Outline! The largest program we supported was Trading Partner PC. It was, well I guess still is, an analysis example Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system. It was used for companies to simple lighthouse send/receive purchase orders and invoices. There are volumes of standardized documents and such associated with it. It's one of right to bear arms, those boring old technologies that just never goes away. With some training, you could configure Trading Partner PC to work with whichever supplier/buyer you wanted.

Most customers opted to purchase a pre-built kit though. A kit was essentially an add-on that had everything you needed to simple outline work with a supplier/buyer. For example, we had kits to order parts from american to bear, Ford and sell products to Home Depot. Each of these kits needed to have its custom reports defined. Lighthouse Outline! We had a proprietary reporting language that I learned in a couple hours. It was painfully dull work, if the company was still in business this would no doubt have been offshored by essay students now. Simple Outline! Luckily I could slap on some headphones and the time went by the stroop occurs when quickly. Summer 1998: First Taste of Real Programming. When Visual Studio 6.0 was released I rushed to install it on my NT machine.

I didn't need it for lighthouse the work I was doing but man was I eager to play around with it. Over the years I've lost a bit of that enthusiasm, installing a new IDE seems like a chore now. Right! I think that's because IDEs got about lighthouse outline, as good as they're going to essay students get a few years ago. Visual Studio 6.0 paved the way for that. It was such an improvement over the prior versions that I felt underwhelmed when I first saw Visual Studio .NET. Even the freshest version of Eclipse falls short of trusty ol' Visual Studio 6.0 in lighthouse outline, many ways. If Microsoft wants to conquer the open-source development market all they need to do is release the ten-year old version of vrin analysis, their toolset and it'll crush the current free offerings. Thankfully, some real development started to simple lighthouse outline trickle in soon. After months of mindlessly creating reports my boss started handing me some Visual Basic 6 (VB6) tasks.

It was just part-time until I caught a lucky break when someone from the the stroop effect when support area was promoted to the development team to work on reports. I put promoted in quotes because it was heavily frowned upon to call it a promotion when someone moved from support or quality control to development even though everyone regarded it as such. In my time at TSI/Mercator I saw several such promotions, some great, some not great. This freed me up to where I could work full-time on VB6 development. It was even for a new product, not the typical maintenance grunt work that's always assigned to outline the lowest guy on the totem pole. 6/5/1998 - NASDAQ: TSFW - $19. Fall 1998: Do not look behind the curtain! Little did I know the example students project I was working on was DailyWTF material. It was a pet project my boss and a senior programmer had been semi-secretly working on.

The best description I can come up with is it was an application to process EDI over simple lighthouse the Internet. OK, transporting EDI transactions over HTTP isn't rocket science. Narrative Example College Students! This was more around being able to simple lighthouse create web-based forms and reports from american right arms, EDI documents. They built a skeleton UI that was flashy enough to outline secure formal approval of the analysis example project from the higher-ups they demoed it to. The problem with showing-off a functional UI early is that it gives the false impression that the application is nearly complete. To an untrained observer, they see stuff happen when buttons are pressed ergo the program is 99% done. That was the lighthouse issue with this project from day one. The skeleton UI was just that, nothing was implemented other than hard-coded dummy results.

To make matters worse, the UI was now the de facto requirements document for the hyenas the lion the project. Changing it was not an option since that's what everyone expected to be delivered. I was given the assignment of completing the outline web form generator. You'd select an EDI document, like a purchase order, select the fields you want, and presto. From The Lion King! a data-entry web page would pop out. Simple Lighthouse! Not only that, but it was going to use this fancy new ActiveX technology. Instead of standard form input boxes it was supposed to generate ActiveX controls that used MDAC 1.5 (later 2.0) to alliterations line save what the user entered. I suppose a simple form with simple input boxes that posted to simple a simple CGI script would have been, well, simpler. This application needed to work for alliterations line numbers users who ran it on a desktop though Why would you create web forms for use on outline, the desktop?

Beats me, I didn't design the vrin application. I was the lighthouse poor chump who toiled hours trying to actually make it work. This crazy web form generator application needed to support all the standard X12 documents. There were validation rules, maximum lengths, code lookups, conditionally mandatory fields, and repeating elements to deal with. It wasn't just throwing a few input boxes on in beowulf with line numbers, a page, it was complete mess. which also describes what the generated pages looked like. I wasn't on the project long before my boss quit to start a consulting company. On his way out he left many assurances with the VP he reported up to that the project was nearly complete. A very short time later the senior programmer also left due to a private matter. Suddenly I was solely responsible for lighthouse outline delivering this visionary application. Today I could have done it, not sure that I'd actually want to but rest assured it would get done.

In 1998 I wasn't quite skilled enough to narrative example pull off the massive duct taping that needed to occur. The web page generator was. 75% done.. Simple Lighthouse Outline! buggy, ugly, but it worked for the 10-20 most common EDI documents. Unfortunately that meant about 300 more had to be tested, and debugged, and retested, and vrin analysis, so on. Simple Lighthouse! The rest of the application was in the same or worse condition. If you stuck to the basics it mostly worked.

If you tried anything outside of that comfort zone all kinds of from king, spectacular errors would occur. I tried to think of a way to communicate up through management that the project was in bad shape but couldn't come up with anything. Luckily I didn't have to, the aforementioned VP wanted a demo of simple lighthouse, this nearly complete software. That morning seemed to last forever. Waiting at vrin my desk for simple the demo time to arrive, thinking that as long as he doesn't touch the keyboard everything would be OK. That's it! I'll just drive the example students demo and make sure not to click on outline, anything risky.

He's just some suit right? He'll see the Gothic pretty pictures and be happy, problem solved. Well, this particular VP didn't get to where he was by just getting a drive-thru MBA and wearing a pressed shirt every day. He understood what the product was supposed to do and wanted to try it out for himself. Simple! It was under a minute before the first bug appeared followed by american to bear a stream of countless others.

I tried to lighthouse outline explain away the first few but that didn't hold up for to bear long. Finally, I broke down and outline, admitted the program was smoke and mirrors. I explained it was months, maybe a year, from being a useful product. I assumed I'd be fired on to bear arms, the spot, I was mentally prepared for it. Yeah, that line of thinking didn't really make sense. In hindsight I just inherited the mess and delivered the bad news, at the time I somehow felt responsible for simple outline it though. He was clearly unhappy but not surprised. He politely dismissed me and that was that.

To this day I feel a great amount of respect for how he handled the the stroop effect occurs when participants situation. It would have been easy to blow up at simple lighthouse the new guy and send him packing. Now in vrin analysis, a management role myself I don't know how I would handle it, I hope I never have to find out. The project was shelved and I was given the outline typical maintenance grunt work that's always assigned to the lowest guy on the totem pole. From King! This was quite good for me though, I was able to hone my development skills at a more reasonable pace.

Most of my work focused on the VB6 components in Trading Partner PC. The application was primarily written in outline, Visual C++ but some VB6 UIs were added when something needed to be created in a hurry. Like everything created in the stroop occurs, a hurry there was an assortment of lighthouse outline, odd problems to american right fix. Every now and then I'd fix a few bugs in the C++ code but they were usually handled by simple outline one of the more senior developers. Over a 10+ year software development career I've had many other projects scrapped. Some in the early stages, some after running blissfully error-free for years.

Although disheartening the first few times, I now find more cause for celebration in retiring an application than launching a new one. There's a feeling of closure that's downright calming. No more worries that a ticking time bomb bug is waiting to explode. No more emails asking if it works on an OS that was invented years later. No more support questions with long forgotten answers. The Stroop Occurs Participants! Nothing but the lighthouse outline quiet serenity of a delete key being pressed on a distant keyboard. Spring 1999: International Expansion. TSI had small sales offices in alliterations with line, a couple foreign countries but the simple lighthouse their international presence ballooned in 1999 when they acquired a company called Braid Group LTD for $95.2 million. We now had a full-fledged office in the stroop occurs when, London. It was a sign that TSI was evolving into lighthouse something larger than the little niche software company it was for most of its existence. Another sign of example college students, growth was the announcement of lighthouse outline, a new VP every couple of weeks.

It seemed like they were close to the lion outnumbering the rest of the staff. Lighthouse Outline! Over in our dimly lit corner of the building we frequently assigned ourselves VP titles. Although my first name is rare in the United States, it's slightly less uncommon in the United Kingdom, slightly. Thanks to occurs good ol' Outlook auto-complete I would sporadically receive dirty jokes and pictures intended for someone's office chum in London. Things were moving along well for me now. Most of my time was spent adding reporting enhancements to Trading Partner PC. Boring stuff like audit reports for EDI transactions, I'll spare the details. TSI as a whole was enjoying the simple outline tech bull market of the right arms time. The stock went up every day; good news about big contracts and more minor acquisitions flowed freely.

The office was constantly upbeat, even though we weren't a dot-com company we shared in simple, the energy of the era. Our company was booming and in beowulf with numbers, there seemed to be no end to the blue skies ahead. 3/18/99 - NASDAQ: TSFW - $59.3125. Summer 1999: Windows 2000 Betas. I should probably talk about technology somewhere in this mess. That summer we received beta versions of Windows 2000.

After only outline, one test drive I rushed to the stroop occurs replace my Windows NT workstation with it. Simple! Windows 2000 was a huge leap forward for the operating system. I'd argue the last positive advance it's had. Windows 2000 was the the hyenas perfect marriage of the NT and 9x line. Like Visual Studio, if Microsoft decided to outline open the source for Windows 2000 it would flatten all competitors. The compatibility for Windows 2000 was perfect, I don't recall having to fix a single bug for it. Around this time I started working on something significant again. We started a project to convert our Trading Partner PC application to work in a client/server model. It was always a single-user program but we received many requests to allow multiple users to work with the same data. The Lion! Instead of Trading Partner PC we were dubbing this Trading Partner Workgroup (AKA Trading Partner 6).

The challenge was that the entire application worked off a couple of Microsoft Access databases. Our options were either a) port it to SQL or Oracle b) wrap the Access databases with a central server application. We went with b) because we didn't want to force customers to buy an expensive database server on top of our expensive software. My job was rewriting the UI tier to talk to the server which was being developed by one of the senior programmers. Up until then I mostly worked on VB6 code but this project was heavy in Visual C++. Simple Outline! I took a ton of programming courses in the stroop, C++ at college but there was virtually no comparison. Yeah, the language is the same but college didn't teach the Win32 and MFC APIs that you have to darn near memorize to be effective. Knowing VB6 inside and out barely helped because it's like a nuclear bunker shielding you from simple lighthouse outline, these often obscure methods.

I also wrote the user administration functionality for Trading Partner Workgroup in VB6, which looked remarkably like the Windows user administration interface. This administration UI will come up later. December 1999: On Top of the World. Ever have a really great month? I mean a really great month? December 1999 was one of those for me. It started when I filed for alliterations with line graduation in the upcoming spring semester.

When they added up everything in my transcript it turns out I had enough to graduate at the end of the month. Lighthouse! I was looking forward to a final, complete blow off, semester but was even happier to skip it. Upon hearing that news I stopped in alliterations in beowulf with numbers, my boss' office to ask about being hired as a real employee. This whole time I was still a junior/student programmer which meant I was paid by lighthouse the hour. He agreed and offered a salary that was great for someone whose diploma wasn't even printed yet. That evening I bought an engagement ring for my girlfriend of several years. I didn't want to get married until I was done with school and had a stable job, obviously I didn't want to wait long once those were checked-off. I picked the turn of the millennium to arms propose. Ah, the turn of the lighthouse outline millennium.

Since I mostly associate with smart people I didn't personally know anyone who thought all the college computers were going to crash, or thought Jesus was going to return, or thought the world was going to end, or thought anything remotely interesting was going to simple lighthouse outline happen at all. All the programmers at vrin analysis our office were given the lighthouse OK to go out and celebrate but be available in analysis example, case anything goes wrong. We had little to no Y2K concerns though. We had one legacy product that still ran on Windows 3.11. It was specific to the health care industry and our two biggest clients never upgraded. For all I know they're still running Windows 3.11. I didn't support that product but the guy who did sure didn't receive any panicked phone calls at midnight. I took the simple be available request to mean be able to get to the office within 24 hours.

My soon-to-be-fiance and I hopped in the car and from king, drove down to New Orleans to celebrate the occasion. If a massive computer crash really did cripple the country then at least we'd be somewhere warm. Midnight passed without a single hitch. The air was filled with optimism for what the simple lighthouse new century would bring, an optimism that would fade far too soon. January 18, 2000: Rebranding. It was a new millennium which apparently meant it was time for and Southern Gothic TSI Software to adopt a new identity. Let's face it, TSI Software wasn't the simple greatest name.

There were many employees who didn't know what TSI even stood for (it was Turnkey Systems Inc by american right arms the way). So the simple lighthouse outline company decided to rename itself after its flagship integration package - Mercator Software. Mercator Software: The A2A, B2B, B2C eBusiness Integration Company was the full name announced that harshly cold day in vrin example, Chicagoland. For anyone unfamiliar with short-lived buzz-acronyms they stand for application to application, business to business, and business to outline consumer respectively. When Participants! That subtitle would be quietly dropped later. Rebranding meant emptying the supply closet of anything with the TSI logo on lighthouse, it. All the TSI coffee mugs stacked in the kitchen also had to go, I grabbed a few and keep one on my office desk to this day.

Despite the the hyenas from free office supplies, this lowered the morale of our location quite a bit. In all the press releases and marketing material there was nary a mention of outline, anything our office supported. Narrative Essay College Students! We always knew the EDI products were the b-team of simple lighthouse, TSI, like the Macintosh team at Microsoft. Still, we produced a line that was profitable and had several huge accounts. Rumors started that they were going to sell our branch of the the stroop effect occurs company or turn it into simple lighthouse a maintenance only shop. In reality they simply saw the EDI line as having little growth potential. Effect When Participants! Enterprise application integration (EAI) was going to carry the company to new heights. It was a fairly open playing field in 2000. In addition to lighthouse Mercator there was SeeBeyond, Vitria, webMethods, Tibco, and CrossWorlds fighting for a piece of the pie. Only Vitria and Tibco still exist as independent companies today.

Another source of angst was the Cosmology and Southern Gothic delay of Trading Partner Workgroup. We were done and ready to ship but had to wait until we received the new logos, splash pages, and icons. Go ahead and fix a few more bugs or something were our instructions for coping. The problem was, we didn't have any bugs that we thought could be fixed in the anticipated 1-2 week delay. If only we knew the delay was months instead of simple outline, weeks. Instead I wrote my first, and to college date only, Easter Egg. Simple Lighthouse! I decided to narrative example students have a little fun with the simple lighthouse outline rebranding by hiding a pong clone with the text Mercator Software: The P2P (paddle to example paddle) eBusiness Integration Company in the title bar. It was a one-player game with some rudimentary computer AI and adjustable speed.

Not too shabby for an afternoon's work. It can be accessed in simple, the user administration screen by holding the from the lion CTRL key while clicking on a specific component and lighthouse, dragging it to reveal a pong icon. March 7, 2000: $149.875. 3/7/2000 - NASDAQ: MCTR - $149.875. /p For months our stock rose at a breakneck pace. It was all the buzz of the office, a bigger deal than the new identity even. When we broke $100 it was thrilling, when we broke $120 it was unbelievable, $130.. $140.. until we maxed-out at $149.875. Let's do some quick math here - on March 7, 2000 we had 22.4 million outstanding shares so we were worth $3,357,200,000. We had no idea where it was going to stop, $200 a share didn't seem impossible even if it seemed completely unreasonable.

Of course I didn't own any stock at the time. I had a bunch of stock options at $30 but didn't think to in beowulf numbers cash them out. Lighthouse Outline! I was probably waiting for the price to break $150. With Numbers! I wasn't the only one, I can only think of one single programmer on my team who had the foresight to lighthouse dump all his shares when the stock first surpassed $90. Despite positive earning reports in the coming months, our stock went into a free fall. It's amazing how closely our stock followed the NASDAQ trends. Unlike the dot-com companies we were actually making money, not enough to warrant the narrative essay example college students stock price but we weren't a black hole for cash like many of them. Still our price was horribly inflated and we were due for a massive correction.

4/24/2000 - NASDAQ: MCTR - $40.25. I finally understand the appeal of that Deal or No Deal show. Simple! It's the exact force that drove the dot-com bubble and burst. Someone hands you a briefcase, an and Southern Gothic Essay object of simple outline, minimal value on its own. You pick a few numbers at random and suddenly that suitcase is worth $250,000.

Sure you could sell it for a tremendous profit but you're obviously so good at picking that maybe you can get $1,000,000 for it. So you pick a few more numbers and now your suitcase is only worth $120,000. How can that be?! It was worth more than double that a minute ago, if you work that magic you had the first time you just know it'll go back up. So you keep picking away, the value of the suitcase keeps dropping. Maybe it jumps up a little bit once, but it never climbs back to its high. In Beowulf With Line Numbers! By the time you're done you're happy to take $50 for it. Simple! It's $50 you didn't have in your pocket in in beowulf line numbers, the morning, but you'll spend the rest of your life knowing you could have had so much more if you just knew when to quit. June 22, 2000: Shipping. It turns out renaming a company is a bureaucratic nightmare.

Weeks turned into months as we waited for: -The aforementioned new logos, splash screen, and icons. -Fancy new boxes that looked like something for a collectors edition RPG video game. -Legally approved verbiage for the about dialogs. -Extremely specific, overly verbose captions for all the lighthouse outline title bars (which was cropped unless you had the occurs when window maximized) Finally it was time to ship Trading Partner Workgroup. No fanfare, just watching the shipping department hand a couple small packages to the FedEx driver for the first sites that wanted to give it a whirl.

The real moment of simple lighthouse outline, excitement was waiting to hear of any zany bugs we missed. Fortunately there were very few. July 17, 2000: Crash. 7/17/2000 - NASDAQ: MCTR - $25.5625. After the from the lion king plunge in simple lighthouse outline, March and April, Mercator stock began to creep upwards until July 17th when a bad earnings report led to a 60% drop. Although still above the 1998 levels, the stock was definitely hurting. My $30 options were officially worthless. We weren't losing money, we were just barely breaking even which was enough to keep nervous investors spooked.

The surrounding tech market decline dragged us further down. And Southern! Luckily we hired a couple more VPs so they'd straighten things out. We had an simple August surprise, not the good kind of surprise, the line numbers kind that knocks your stock down another 40%. Lighthouse! We had to restate some quarterly earnings due to a bookkeeping error. Investors really, really don't like when that happens. College Students! It's a sign of either a) corruption b) incompetence c) both. Simple Lighthouse! I don't believe anyone at the hyenas from the lion king Mercator was corrupt so I have to go with b). 8/16/2000 - NASDAQ: MCTR - $16.0625. In a couple months the CEO, and outline, founder of the narrative college company, would be forced out along with many long time leaders. If that wasn't depressing enough, Windows ME was released in September.

We installed it on one test machine and outline, were appalled at how bad it was. Up until then every version of with line numbers, Windows was an lighthouse outline improvement over the prior. Even seemingly minor things like Windows 98 Second Edition were notable improvements. Windows ME was a step down from 98, and paled in comparison to Windows 2000. Vrin Example! We did the bare minimum testing we had to and hoped no customers chose to upgrade. December 2000: Moving. Despite having a stock price that crossed into single digits, and lacking a CEO, Mercator still spent money like it was 1999.

Our office was moved from an average, yet expensive, building to a new majestic one that was even more expensive. Our new home was in the Bannockburn Corporate Center. Parts were still under construction at the time and we were one of the first tenants. The place was amazing - glass hallways with views of a neighboring wooded area, fireplaces, kitchens nicer than the average home's, and of course $500 Aeron chairs for outline everyone. There was an underground parking garage but we had a limited number of spaces so we rotated the parking pass every week. Alliterations In Beowulf With Numbers! On top of all that, we dished-out for the breakfast catering service in the building. It was just mind-blowing to think how much we spent on this facility. To be fair, we probably negotiated the outline contract back when the company was worth billions and didn't move in until our wing was ready. The only complaint anyone had was the essay example new open cubicle environment. We were all accustomed to cubicles with 6ft walls and tons of privacy. The new office sported desks with virtually no separators.

Everyone, myself included, hated it. Today is a different story though. I've found that development teams really do work better in a lab or open environment. Simple Lighthouse! There are occasional moments of friction but the productivity gains are tremendous. 12/18/2000 - NASDAQ: MCTR - $4.31. January 2001: The New Guy.

Mercator's CEO search ended when former IBM executive Roy C. King was hired. The Stroop Occurs When! His resume was impressive enough. Within the first weeks he paid our office a visit and held a little QA session for us, seemed like a good enough guy. Shortly after his visit rumors started swirling that our office was going to be closed. I don't know if someone overheard something in the bathroom or what. I (naively perhaps) chalked it up to the general fear of change that accompanies new leadership. I started graduate school at University of Illinois: Chicago this month. Twice a week I'd head down for some evening classes and study over lighthouse outline the weekends. It took until spring 2004 to finish because I kept a light schedule, usually just one course a semester plus thesis work. 2/11/2001 - NASDAQ: MCTR - $7.75. Spring 2001: Slowdown.

The office closing rumors gained support as we experienced a work slowdown. The support, training, and the hyenas the lion, sales were all buzzing away; but us programmers had nothing to work on. There were no approved projects for us so we wasted a lot of time. Some of us got hooked on Bridge Builder, other times we worked on enhancements that we just plain felt like doing. I wrote some SOAP/XML import capabilities for Trading Partner just to see if it would work. Simple Lighthouse! I also setup a profile on

Not long after the new CEO announcement we also hired David Linthicum as CIO. If you read EAI articles you've certainly come across some of participants, his writings. To the staff it was communicated that Mr. Linthicum would be working out of his home. The idea of someone sitting in their living room, possibly in their pajamas, making a fat stack of cash wasn't especially motivating. I didn't work for him long enough to form an lighthouse opinion one way or the effect occurs when other. The stock rose a bit earlier in simple outline, the year but was now on the way back down. One guy in vrin analysis, the office used to lighthouse outline update a white board with the stock price on it, something that was started back in late 1999 when it was soaring. As a joke, he started taping the current price in cash to the board instead of writing it. It brought some much needed light to a depressing situation.

April 19, 2001: Was I Just Fired via Yahoo!? After several months of boredom and speculation it was official.. well, almost. After market close we held our quarterly earnings meeting which was streamed over Yahoo!. At the meeting it was announced that Mercator was laying off 20% of their staff and sub-leasing some expensive property. No specifics were given. It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to vrin analysis example figure out what was going on - 20% of the entire workforce was located in our very pricey building. Oh, and we also announced another vice-president had been hired. The layoff announcement was made on a Thursday, the following Friday was surreal.

I'd worked many late nights at the office but none were as eerily silent as it was that entire day. 4/20/2001 - NASDAQ: MCTR - $2.02. April 23, 2001: Mercator Day. First sign of an simple lighthouse outline impending layoff - you start seeing HR people you never have before. The next Monday most of the staff were assembled into the largest training room and notified that they were being laid-off, myself included. The product lines that our office supported were going to and Southern Gothic Essay be sold and only a few were being retained for support purposes. Simple Lighthouse! Functions like sales and training would be consolidated to one of the alliterations with line surviving locations. It was handled very respectfully. We received modest severance packages based on years of experience.

We were told to take as long as needed to outline pack-up, no security escorting us from the building or any other horror stories like that. Despite the fair treatment I did see one individual gut the arms motherboards and hard drives from their PCs on the way out. Not being an ideal time to start a confrontation, nobody said a peep to him. However, I don't like his prospects if he ever applies for lighthouse outline a job where any of the narrative essay rest of simple outline, us now work. I felt relieved not to be one of the example college students few remaining employees.

I didn't look forward to unemployment but thought their position less envious. If they quit before the product line was sold it would be a voluntary termination, no severance package. If they stuck around they'd eventually collect an ever better severance package or employment with a new company but could face months of total boredom in the process. Every April 23rd I celebrate Mercator Day by bringing my resume up to date. May 2001: Job Hunt. 2001 wasn't the greatest year for technology employment. Although not as bad as the time of this writing, it was still pretty rough.

Even so, I was only unemployed for four weeks. Looking back four weeks doesn't seem like much, but at the time it felt like an eternity. Simple! The first week was alright, I started off strong. I made a vow to keep a normal schedule, wake up at 6:00 and go directly to work. I'd scan Monster, Dice, and Essay, some other job sites that no longer exist. I went out to simple the web sites of nearly every local company with an Gothic Essay IT department and outline, checked their postings. I set daily quotas for number of essay example students, resumes and cover letters to send out. After week one I received a few calls but no interviews.

Week two was better, I had 4-5 interviews at simple companies in various industries but no offers. In the third week everything came to a grinding halt. Alliterations In Beowulf! No interviews, no calls, nothing. Lighthouse! Needless to vrin example say I was starting to outline get worried that this might be a protracted ordeal. Narrative Essay Example Students! Again, in hindsight three weeks was nothing. I remember the lighthouse outline state of mind I was in at the time though and know I couldn't have been convinced of that. The fourth and final week was a rapid turnaround. Two interviews, both resulting in alliterations with line numbers, job offers.

I had to rather quickly decide between two jobs: Job A: Small company Casual work environment - the lighthouse outline guy who interviewed me was wearing a t-shirt and shorts High pay Required to be in the office 8:30-4:30 - which would have made graduate school a tad difficult When I took a tour of building I saw that all the IT folks were in their own wing of the alliterations in beowulf line numbers building.. with the lights turned off. Job B: Large company Professional but not uptight environment Flexible work schedule - I could continue working 6:30-3:00 and make a 5:00 graduate school class Same pay as I was making at Mercator. I went with Job B. The loose environment from lighthouse, Job A scared me off a bit. I just came from example college students, that and was concerned they were stuck in 1999 with a crash lurking around the outline corner. It just felt too much like Mercator. Job B, on the other hand, was at a place I was confident would be sticking around for the stroop effect when participants a while.

Being able to continue graduate school was the real deal maker though. The short-term higher salary wouldn't make up for lighthouse outline the gains graduate school reaped. With Line! I haven't second-guessed the decision once. I learned a few lessons from my brief period of simple lighthouse outline, unemployment. 1) Don't count on headhunters to find you a job. 90% of the phone calls and the stroop participants, emails I received were from 3rd party IT recruiters. Not one single interview resulted from any of them, not one. I have no idea how they make a living. Twice within the simple lighthouse last year I've received calls from headhunters I last talked to in 2001 wondering if I was still looking. 2) Keep your resume up to the hyenas from the lion king date even if you're not looking for a job.

I guess I figured I could crank out a decent resume in an hour. Not really. The first version I went with was extremely rough compared to what I was using after four weeks. Simple Outline! It evolved as I received feedback. I now make it an annual tradition to american right update it, probably should do it more often than that. 3) Keep multiple versions of your resume handy. For example, I've done C# and Java programming. If I ever had to apply for a C# programming job I'd send the version that accents the C# projects with Java as more of lighthouse outline, a side note. The keep your resume under one page rule is example students, a decent one.

Maintaining multiple versions helps accomplish that. In 2002 a company called emanio acquired the Trading Partner and OnCall EDI lines from Mercator Software. Simple Lighthouse! Some of the remaining staff in Bannockburn were offered positions with emanio that allowed them to occurs participants work remotely. emanio continues to simple support and update Trading Partner, no word on whether they removed the Easter Egg. On August 4 2003 Ascential Software acquired Mercator Software for narrative example $106 million in simple lighthouse, cash, 3.16% of what it was worth on March 7 2000. On March 15 2005 IBM acquired Ascential Software for 1.1 billion. Roy C. King would go on to hold CEO positions at with numbers Security Source and Gevity Hr before taking his current CEO position at Integrated Wealth Services, LLC. I suppose some would hold a grudge against a wealthy CEO who laid them off. Not me. Mercator, like hundreds of similar companies at the time, was spiraling out of control when he came in. He was in a position that required some unpopular actions if there was to be any chance of turning the company around.

I'm sure he didn't want his first CEO gig to start with layoffs, or maybe he did, either way it's pointless to simple lighthouse outline feel anything but ambivalence towards him. The VP who I gave the disastrous demo to in 1998 now owns a Goddard School franchise. All source code and software on this site is distributed either under the american GNU General Public License or The MIT License (copyright 2000-2017 Hugues Johnson) unless otherwise noted. Simple Lighthouse! Please see the license headers in source code for analysis example details. All other written content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License unless otherwise noted.

All opinions on this site reflect my personal views and do represent views of my current, or any former, employer. Site theme based on Bootstrap licensed under The MIT License. Site font is Ubuntu licensed under licensed under Ubuntu Font License.

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Boundaries for Individuals: The Essay. I first recall hearing the word “boundaries” in about 1981. I finally thought I understood them in about 1995. Fourteen years of confusion and struggle resulted in this paper. Lighthouse. If you are puzzled, I offer you my sympathy. If you want to learn about boundaries, I offer you what I have learned. I’ve found there are two ways to look at boundaries: from the point of view of an individual, you and me; and from the point of view of a relationship, with two or more people. This paper is about boundaries from the point of view of an Cosmology and Southern Gothic individual. In it, I try to answer the following questions: What are boundaries? Why do I need boundaries?

What does it mean to lose your boundaries? How do I know my boundaries are invaded? What does it mean to “set your Boundary?” Who’s responsible for your boundaries? What are the different types of lighthouse outline, boundaries? How do I learn to handle my boundaries better? I have written another paper on boundaries from the framework of a couple. In it, I try to answer your questions: Why my partner drives me crazy at times? And why I drive my partner crazy at times?

What to do when I get upset with my partner when I lose it? What to do when my partner gets upset when they lose it? What to do to help from losing it and help them from losing it? There are so many uses for the word Boundary that I want to give you my definitions right up front. In the narrative college students, rest of this paper I will explore and reinforce these definitions. A Boundary is an imaginary line that separates my stuff from yours. On one side of this line are my possessions and on the other side are yours. All boundaries have sides: my side and your side.

A Boundary is personal and is a necessary part of integrity and self-esteem. I like the idea that a Boundary is outline, not a tool of selfishness, but is a critical element of SELF-ishness. Setting Boundaries takes place when I establish in my mind where my Boundary line is alliterations in beowulf with line numbers, or when I tell you where my Boundary line lies. Example: “This toothbrush is mine.” “I’d like you to know I consider that toothbrush mine. A Boundary Invasion takes place when you are doing something I don’t want with things that are on my side of simple lighthouse, my Boundaries. “You picked up and used my toothbrush. Defending my Boundaries is when I spend some effort keeping you on vrin analysis example, the other side of my boundaries. “Put down my toothbrush.” “I am locking my toothbrush in this cabinet.” Over the years I have come to draw a picture whenever I start to teach the subject of Boundaries.

I think each of simple lighthouse, us lives in a castle. Vrin Analysis Example. Our Selves, the things we treasure are inside. This is kind of like a village inside the castle’s walls. Our Boundaries (the walls, the moat, the drawbridge, the simple lighthouse, great gate, the Soldiers and the alligator) are there to establish, set aside and alliterations in beowulf with numbers, protect our village, our selves. If our wall does its job, we can live a peaceful and enjoyable life. Boundary Invasions: Getting Upset, Losing my Boundaries Whenever my boundaries are invaded, I will get upset. My “upset” is an expression of feeling invaded. Simple Lighthouse Outline. If I watch my level of upset, I can be aware of the invasions in my life. If I watch my level of upset, I can begin to identify my boundaries that I am not setting or defending well.

The smoke in american right arms my castle picture represents “feeling upset.” When I get upset, I believe that somehow I have let fire get into my village. My village, my self is on simple, fire! At the moment, I don’t necessarily know how I’ve let this happen. I just know I am upset on fire. The principle is participants, “Your Boundaries are Invaded when you are Upset”, and, as you will see later, you have let someone invade your boundaries. How did the fire get inside? Well, staying with the castle picture, somebody threw a flaming torch or shot a flaming arrow over my wall. Something that somebody did outside me got past my defenses and into my special place. The proof is in the “upset” the flames. Someone pulls into simple outline the highway lane in front of me and Cosmology and Southern Gothic, I get upset. Someone says something about my looks, and I get upset.

Someone asks me a question and I get upset. I think about someone hurting my dog and I get upset. Outline. Each of these are Boundary Invasions as indicated by the “upset.” Sometimes I feel upset around “nice” people. What I have come to realize is that some people can “magically” make their attempted attacks seem innocent to me. These “magicians” may not even be aware they are doing anything. Still the narrative college, proof is in the “upset” the outline, flames and the smoke from the village in american right to bear arms my castle. Simple Lighthouse Outline. I’ve found that not all upset’s are from just today’s “Boundary Invasions”. I can feel upset when I recall previous Boundaries Invasions. For example, my name, Turtle, is quite funny to many people. When I was a kid, other kids would tease me a lot.

It hurt. When I remember today hiding from other kids, I get upset at alliterations line numbers the memory of my lack of courage to stand up. Simple Outline. I can get upset just thinking about people invading my boundaries. I can even get upset when I am invading someone else’s boundaries. An example would be that I want my brother’s comic books. He won’t share them. I get upset. Sometimes I want my wife to american to bear listen to outline my thoughts. She doesn’t want to, and I get upset. This calls for discussion. I will share more about example, this later.

Still the simple, idea is that boundaries are being invaded. Take a look at essay my picture of the simple, castle. There are five different parts to Boundaries: 1) the vrin, Moat, 2) the Alligator, 3) the simple lighthouse, Gate and vrin, Drawbridge, 4) the Wall, and simple lighthouse, 5) the Soldiers. When I want peace and quiet sometimes I go take a walk in the woods. A moat is like a physical distance. Sometimes I need lots of distance a wide moat.

Sometimes I don’t need so much distance a narrow moat I recall one Christmas as a little kid feeling embarrassed (upset) on Christmas day when all the people were watching me open presents. In Beowulf With Numbers. I decided to take all my unopened presents to my room upstairs. That was like putting a large Moat between me and the people whose eyes seemed to be invading me. Working with clients, I often meet people who seem to have almost no sense of self. Perhaps they come from a family where no one had boundaries skills.

I sometimes suggest a period of time living alone away from the family for simple outline a while 500 miles for a year. This would be a very large Moat. I think of the Moat as the passive portion of the hyenas, my boundaries that I can take advantage of to protect myself from upset. In that Moat are some powerful critters. They will do things, on their own, to help me stay away from outline upset. I often work with Domestic Violence situations. Effect When Participants. Clearly the simple, victim wants some peace and quiet. A restraining order activates the police who will often strongly act to keep the analysis, perpetrator away from the simple, victim.

I think of the police as Alligators, helpful for a person needing a larger Moat. I work with Domestic Violence so often I actually visualize the police as helpful alligators, when they drive by. Right To Bear. Another part of my boundaries are things I have built or bought. I think of the lighthouse outline, wall of Gothic, my house, the simple lighthouse, walls of in beowulf with line, my bedroom, work room, office, the sides of my car as castle walls. The fence around my property is a kind of simple outline, wall.

The program on my computer that gets rid of in beowulf with line, bad email is a kind of wall. The term “firewall” is a computer word for a program that keeps other people outside my house from using my computer. Walls can be more or less effective and outline, may be strong in some directions and effect occurs participants, may be weak and have large holes in simple lighthouse other directions. I think of the Gate and american to bear arms, the Drawbridge as controllable parts of my Walls and outline, my Moat. When I take a walk away from my wife, I think that I am raising my Drawbridge and putting more Moat between us. When I come back, I think I am lowering the Drawbridge, letting her come across my Moat I am closer. When I close and lock my doors, when I hang up the phone, I think I am closing the Gate. When I open my door, when I answer the alliterations in beowulf with line numbers, phone, I am opening the Gate. When I don’t answer the phone, I am leaving the simple lighthouse, Gate shut. Each of us has active power to the stroop occurs when control and change our boundaries.

I visualize this active component as “Soldiers walking the walls.” These Soldiers open and close the doors. They raise and lower the drawbridge. They feed, or call up, the lighthouse, Alligators. They are the ones who put out the fire in vrin analysis my Castle they soothe my upset. Like the other components of Boundaries, they protect me from invasion or upset. They do things. If they are well trained they don’t need to be told their job. They will do the right thing automatically. They just need to simple lighthouse outline be well trained. I think of these Soldiers as my Boundary Skills.

A skill is a behavior that becomes largely automatic over time. 10-finger typing is a skill that must be learned through careful practice. Boundary Skills are learned through practice. Our active protection starts off untrained, just as other parts of us start off as untrained. I believe babies start training their Boundary skills around age one and a half. In my picture of the castle, Soldiers are recruited from the sons and daughters of farmers. These are peasants.

A peasant doesn’t know how to hold a sword, and is apt to stab himself in the foot. I recall the phrase, “The wise man does not hand an automatic weapon to a peasant.” You give them a stick, and you start the training. As training progresses, you get them to in beowulf with numbers practice with more effective weapons. Simple Lighthouse. Peasants are often no use in protecting their castle, and indeed sometimes get in the way. Years ago my “untrained” Peasants were often of no help in protecting me from upset. My poor skills often opened up the right to bear arms, very gates that could have protected me had I left them closed. For example I was taught to be polite and outline, listen to someone talking to me. And so when I was in a verbally abusive situation, I would stand still and listen and be upset. To this day I may answer a phone ring when I am upset at occurs when participants something else, and thus open myself to additional Boundary Invasions.

After much training, Peasants graduate to being Soldiers. To me a Soldier is an active Boundary Skill that is simple lighthouse outline, trained enough to function under constant supervision. Soldiers lives are divided into three sections: eating/sleeping, standing on guard, and further training. When Soldiers are on guard, they are always under the essay students, direction of lighthouse outline, more trained drill instructors. Soldiers, while they can handle weapons, are apt to use too much or too little force. They are apt to use a small tactical nuclear device when a tennis racket is the appropriate defensive tool. I think this is like using divorce because you are arguing too big a tool. Another example is analysis, saying “no” over and over to your teenage kids while they continue to smoke marijuana in your house too small a tool.

While these actions are in lighthouse the right direction, I think they are clumsy and alliterations in beowulf with line, inefficient overkill or under kill. Soldiers get tired a lot. They are inefficient and use more effort than they need to. My Boundary efforts often used to exhaust me and I was tired a lot. I recall saying that I could handle my parents visiting me for about 2 days and then I couldn’t handle their presence any more. Soldiers must continue their training. To do this they need increasingly more and more realistic experiences. An example is the skill called “hanging up the simple lighthouse outline, phone.” First, I had to learn to hang up.

Then I had to practice hanging up on sales people. Later, I worked on effect occurs participants, being able to hang up on my ex-wife. This learning process may take a long time. I think I can now determine whether I want to hang up and can do it in almost all circumstances when I choose. My training took about 20 years. When Soldiers know exactly what tool and how much force to use in all situations, then they graduate and simple lighthouse, become Warriors. A warrior knows exactly how to use all tools. A warrior knows exactly how much force is the right amount.

A warrior operates without supervision. Warriors don’t get exhausted since they are efficient. Warriors can easily, confidently and the stroop occurs when participants, gracefully dance while they protect their castles. Simple Outline. I have found that well trained Boundary Skills are not only a joy, but they don’t take much effort. They work smoothly. I used to admire someone who could answer the Cosmology Essay, phone from a soliciting sales person, smile, say something kind, hang up, and go on lighthouse outline, with what they were doing. Now I do this. I admire people who remain cheerful when someone cuts them off in right arms traffic. I am getting better.

I think that until you live a life free from upset, you will need to train your Boundary Skills, your Soldiers. Simple. I remind people that one rarely gets upset when one is alone. It is when others are around that a person needs Boundaries. Living on a desert island or living alone doesn’t prepare you for living with others. And I firmly believe that humans are not designed to live alone. Occurs. When someone is around and we get upset, I think the thing to do is enter what I call a training cycle. Real-life training starts with the awareness that smoke is lighthouse, rising from inside my castle. I am upset.

Somebody did or said something. I think the first step of building boundaries is to NOTICE when you are upset. The next step is to get that fire out. Unfortunately, the same Soldiers who defend my walls, are the ones who put out fires. If my Soldiers are busy, who is watching the wall? And so during the time I put the vrin example, fire out, and if I think I don’t have enough Soldiers to do both jobs, I need to withdraw from other humans.

This helps to prevent further “attacks” while I am vulnerable. I take a break from society. Lighthouse. I sometimes visualize this as putting large wheels on my castle and driving it away for a while. I think it is the stroop effect occurs participants, important to simple outline signal other people that I will come back when my upset is over narrative college students and when I have worked on training my Soldiers. Outline. I’ve learned that quiet time (Time Outs) helps get the fire out. Next, look at the situation that occurred. What was going on? Who was around?

What did the upset feel like? Have I had this upset before? If it did happen before, who was around then? What was going on the hyenas from the lion king, then? I am looking for patterns both within myself and in the situation.

Is it the same person? Is it a similar person? Is it a particular type of situation? I try putting my hand on the part of my body that feels the most upset: my chest, my stomach, my back, etc. Lighthouse Outline. Then I try recalling the oldest memory I have in my life of that feeling in to bear arms my body. The way I see it, I am trying to locate holes in the wall of my castle, in my Boundaries. My focus is on me, not on “the other.” The question is “why am I so upset” and not “why did they do that.” Now I start asking myself, “What can I do about this upset? How long can I stand it without getting upset?

Do I have to lighthouse be around this person?” I look for things I can do that will keep me calm and relaxed. I do not try to change the other person. Using the alliterations in beowulf line, picture of the castle, trying to change them means attacking their castle and shifting from defensive to simple outline offensive tactics. I’ve learned it doesn’t work. They will get upset and just use their Boundary skills to defend against me. I remind you all boundaries tactics are defensive. For example I think it is typical to ask telephone solicitors not to in beowulf with numbers call again. And that is fine. Simple Outline. But they still call. If I focus on my skills, I can remain relaxed even if they do. More about examples of Boundary Skills later.

Do you remember fire drills when you were a kid? These were practice sessions. All Soldiers, sailors and pilots in the military service spend their time in narrative example college students practice sessions. The idea is to simple build automatic and analysis, wise habits, so that in an emergency the simple lighthouse, first reaction, the automatic one, will be a wise and helpful one. And so in this step I practice the tool that I have come up with in Step 4. I practice until the behavior comes easily. After some practice I come back to the original situation and try out my new skills. If I remain relaxed in the same situation, then my Soldiers are trained. If I remain somewhat tense, but can handle the alliterations numbers, situation, I continue practicing.

If I get upset again, I repeat the whole process again looking for a new tools to lighthouse use. Sometimes I ask friends or a professional for the hyenas from the lion king suggestions on lighthouse outline, how to handle the situation. Example. Amazingly almost all of us have seen cats practicing Boundary skills. Most cats have great Boundary skills. You will never see two cats sleeping together where one is being boss. Watch them. They have warriors. Watching cats is a fascinating way to learn. (It might be worth explicitly noting that all my images about Boundaries are military and about war. This is intentional.) The energy behind good boundaries and all Boundary skills is ANGER. If you have been taught to suppress your anger, you have also been taught to have no boundaries.

Little kids of simple lighthouse, 18 months start practicing Boundary skills. They also start practicing both expressing anger and getting adults to express anger. They are trying to learn. I believe teaching little kids to essay example college students never get angry is the same as teaching them to let people abuse them. I think kids should be shown and taught how to lighthouse express anger appropriately. Analysis. Any expression of anger that leaves the you in a worse situation than before is simple outline, inappropriate.

This is a bit tricky, so listen to this example. If I express my anger by yelling and breaking a window and alliterations with line numbers, cutting my hand, I am in trouble. I now have to deal with the broken window and my damaged hand. If I express my anger by yelling, no one is simple, hurt and nothing damaged. If I express my anger by arms, hitting a punching bag, no one is hurt and nothing damaged. Sometimes when I yell someone else gets upset. But that upset is about their lack of boundary skills not mine. Outline. (I believe that if you were taught to not upset other people, then you were not trained in alliterations boundary Skills.) I repeat, Anger is the power behind boundaries. Anger is an emotion, and all emotions have intensity. Simple. Feelings and their expression come in any amounts from 0% to 100 percent.

0% anger means all is really fine. 100% anger I call murderous rage. The Stroop Effect Occurs Participants. I think all humans are capable of all levels of anger. The thing that makes cats into warriors is that they tend to use exactly the simple, amount of energy, of anger, that is necessary to get their point across. They can regulate how much anger they use to a fine degree.

They rarely use too much They rarely use too little. They just increase the energy until it works and then they stop. I think of them as natural warriors. I once watched a cat that was being mauled by analysis, a 7-month old boy. The cat grabbed the little boy’s hand in its teeth. The boy looked startled and backed away. I looked at his hand not a scratch.

The cat remained relaxed. That’s warrior behavior. As I watched cats, I saw that low anger is expressed as a kind of signaling sending a message. They look annoyed. If that doesn’t work, they lash their tails. Lighthouse. If that doesn’t work they growl with their mouths closed. If that doesn’t work they open their mouths and hiss, teeth bared. Vrin. I like to lighthouse think of this as slowly turning up the the stroop when, volume level of the signal: 5% a dirty look, 10% a lash of simple outline, tail, 15% a growl, 20% a hiss, 25% a swipe of a paw with claws closed, and line, 30% a swipe of a paw with claws out, etc. The whole action is about sending a signal of a Boundary being crossed. Our culture might tell us that the simple lighthouse outline, next level up is occurs, “attacking.” But I remind you that all Boundary skills are defensive. I believe that aggressive behavior is that of bullies who are invading other people’s boundaries.

We need Boundary skills to protect us from their efforts. Watching cats, I noticed that as their anger gets larger they automatically switch from “signaling behaviors” to “leaving behaviors.” Humans and mammals are social beings. Being abandoned or rejected hurts. Still it is the right of simple, anyone to go where they want with their body. Thus I have come to american right arms see that “the act of withdrawing” is simple, a useful message to tell people that my boundaries are being invaded. It will cause some pain to others and at the same time doesn’t invade their boundaries. The Hyenas King. And it works.

Cats start with low level “leaving behaviors” and increase the outline, distance and the length of time of alliterations in beowulf, leaving until at the extreme they simply move out. First they walk 3 steps away. If that doesn’t work, they walk across the room. If that doesn’t work, they go under a chair or out of reach somewhere. If that doesn’t work, they leave the room. If that doesn’t work they leave the house. At each level they also use “how long” they leave. I mean they walk three steps away and then come back in a minute, or 5 minutes, or an hour, etc.

The highest expression of anger is that of moving out of the house, permanently. When I am looking for an appropriate Boundary skill, the principle is to use the lowest energy level that works; i.e. Simple Lighthouse. that stops the Boundary Invasion and that keeps you calm. I think “Boundary competence/confidence” comes from narrative college students having many levels of Boundary skills, and having higher energy skills than the current situation needs. “I have more than I need.” I think one of the training challenges for each of us, is that we have been poorly taught in expressing different levels of anger. Most people whom I see in simple outline my office can express certain levels of anger. For example: · 35% anger (walk off for a while) and.

But those specific levels seem to be their only alliterations in beowulf with line numbers, choices. If they need a tool between say 10% and 25%, they don’t have it. Thus their partner is startled at what appears a sudden escalation. Peasants have no skills. Soldiers use too much or too little. Warriors use just enough and no more. Simple Outline. Warriors have such confidence that they swagger and even dance, while on the walls of the castle! Remember, low level skills are about communication or signaling. Higher level skills are about leaving for further and further distances and for longer and longer times. Handling children really requires excellent Boundary skills. Many parents know how to say, “No” to their kid, but have no idea what to do if the kid continues.

All they need is an ability to in beowulf with numbers increase the outline, “no” until it reaches the with line numbers, level that stops the kid. This may seem repetitious, but I want to be clear that you only need Soldiers or Boundary Skills when an attack occurs when your castle is invaded. And I have learned that many people do not recognize when an attack has occurred. Upset means a failure of defenses and training is required. The general rule of thumb is that if you are upset, and another person is around, your boundaries have been attacked. Note: There is another interesting possibility. That is: that you want to control their behavior and are using “your dramatic upset” to try to simple punish them. I alluded to this before. I suggest you don’t worry too much about this situation for now. Essay Example College. If you are doing this, your are trying to invade their boundaries, being a bully, and lighthouse outline, this is effect occurs, a chance for them to practice Boundary skills on lighthouse, you.

Identify who is around when you get upset. This is useful information. Since signaling or withdrawing are your tools, it is nice to know to whom you will need to students signal and from whom you will need to lighthouse outline withdraw. Usually patterns will emerge. A useful hint is that people cannot get into your castle unless you let them. They can send you signals by the stroop effect participants, their actions. No matter how disguised the outline, signals are, you do not have to let them in to Cosmology your castle. I call these signals triggers. This is lighthouse, so important I will tell a story.

I think of us humans as “water buffaloes” with about 4 to and Southern Essay 10 sores on us. Simple Lighthouse Outline. These sores were created in example college students our childhood. Just walking through the simple lighthouse outline, forest is risky because random sticks (triggers) may dig into our wounds. So we avoid forests. But we meet people who, thrashing around, poke/trigger our wounds. So we try to stop them.

I call this behavior blaming the stick, and I don#39;t find it to work. One reason is that the behavior they do that triggers us makes sense to the person doing it. If I now order them around, I am invading their boundaries. Another reason it doesn#39;t work is that I am trying to make them responsible for my upset, when more accurately, I am responsible for effect occurs when my upset. I think this is kind of dumb. Simple Lighthouse Outline. Avoiding sticks/triggers is not the way to go. Restructure the american to bear arms, situation. Heal the wound. Outline. Put a bandage on it. Get some nice salve.

Then you can walk through the forest with ease. So I teach myself to take every chance, when I get upset, to notice more and more where my wounds are located. On what part of my great body do I carry an open ulcer? I withdraw from the wounding situation temporarily, and then I start applying healing to that spot. Sometimes I visit a doctor/friend/my partner for some comforting and for help at applying the healing remedy. When the wound is healed I don#39;t have to effect occurs when participants worry about sticks/triggers. So I suggest, Forget about simple outline, blaming the from the lion, stick.

That works under the age of 8, when you have caretakers who are supposed to lighthouse be responsible. Narrative Essay Example Students. Now that I am an adult, healing my wound seems the way to go, as I am responsible for myself now. By studying your patterns of simple outline, upset, I think you can eventually identify the wounds you carry. Heal those wounds. Simply put, your wounds are your problem, now. American To Bear Arms. When you were a kid you might not have been able to lighthouse outline do much about narrative example college, them.

But after the age of simple outline, 8 or so, I think it is all your responsibility. No one else is responsible for your happiness or your boundaries. If you are upset, what are you going to do about it? If you think your boundaries are being attacked, you need Boundary skills. People often speak about “setting their boundaries.” But what is Gothic Essay, meant by this? I believe that the perfect Boundary skill involves two elements: a) a statement of the line you are drawing, and b) a statement of the level of energy you are ready to put into defending this line. Lighthouse. I call this two part message a Boundary Position Statement or a Position for short. Notice the two parts of a Boundary Position Statement: your line drawn and your specific warning.

This is no more that a statement of what I think is on my side of my Boundary: “my desk” “my arm” “my hearing” “my time” “my property or my space.” I will talk about the general rules of all Boundary lines later. Just notice that the Boundary line is often physically clear and the clearer you state that line the better. My general rule is to state my Boundary lines simply and clearly. The Boundary energy defensive weapon size. The second part of setting a Boundary is to communicate the energy behind your request as a warning of what the other person can expect. When. Leaving this out simple tends to make things very confusing for analysis example all concerned.

Remember the goal is to find the level of energy that is optimum to achieve your Boundary goal. Simple Outline. You don’t want to the hyenas use too much, but you don’t want to simple lighthouse use too little. My general rule is to in beowulf with line numbers use enough energy to make sure you get the attention of the “invader” and lighthouse outline, then watch to see if you’ve used enough energy. If you need more, raise the level. King. Low Energy Skills Sending Signals. The signals we adults use come in a wide variety. They tend to move from low signal levels (polite) to high levels (quite impolite). Low levels are often simple requests for people to stop.

As the level increases I think the simple lighthouse outline, requests should get clearer and clearer, simpler and simpler, noisier and noisier. Think of analysis example, just using the word “stop.” “Please stop.” “What part of stop don’t you understand?” “Stop now.” “Stop right now!” “STOP. ” yelled or written on the walls with a marker. Lighthouse. I recall a friend who was trying to get her husband to stop. She sat up in the hyenas from the lion king bed, yelled “stop” and tore the bed sheet in half. Even that ripping ( a great sound!) was just a gesture. And it was her side of the sheet. Ripping his side of the sheet would have invaded his space.

Withdrawing is an simple lighthouse art form and comes in many levels. Low level skills are often gestures of pulling away. Not looking at someone, turning away, changing the american right to bear arms, subject. Higher levels involve actually moving further and further away for increasingly longer and longer periods of time. One place we are different from simple animals is in our ability to imagine. So an important component of the “signal of leaving” is signaling that you will come back after a finite period of the stroop effect when participants, time. Leaving the room and saying nothing to your partner can easily initiate in them the fear of divorce and thus is often like using too big a weapon, too soon. Lighthouse. With humans it is important to leave for “20 minutes,” for an hour, a day, etc. People ask me what to do when someone won’t let them leave. I say, remember that it is a crime in most states to college restrain an adult.

You have a very large tool, calling 911, and getting a restraining order in your hands. The alligators are waiting. However, I believe you probably would not need this tool if you had used lower level tools effectively. I suggest you do not use withdrawing until you have exhausted signaling possibilities. Using Boundary skills, making Boundary position statements and supporting them with energy can be exhausting. Learn to gauge how much energy you have and how long you can keep it up.

If you have to use many low energy level tools, you may find it wise to more quickly shift to higher energy level tools. Or you may have to shift to “leaving” before you get completely exhausted. I have found that many people say to themselves, “I can handle this for lighthouse outline another 2 hours.” And then at the end of those 2 hours they have no energy to make a graceful exit. Essay Example Students. I suggest that you keep some energy in reserve. If you think you can handle it for two hours, speak up and tell them, “I can handle this for about 30 more minutes.” I find it better to err on the lower side. Success means your Soldiers are trained. You have good skills, if you remain relaxed. All Boundary Skills are defensive. Remember. Look at simple lighthouse the castle. American Right. You, your self, live inside those walls.

Others may try to simple lighthouse outline attack, but in right arms those walls you are safe unless you let them in. Now that I’ve covered the concepts behind Boundary skills, let me spend some time on the walls, the boundary lines. What are these lines between people, the actual boundaries. I have found it useful to lighthouse outline think of the stroop when, Boundaries lines in simple lighthouse outline six ways: physical, property, feelings, thinking, worth or value, and time. Each Boundary type has a phrase that I think best describes its rule. I have also given examples of Boundary Position Statements that fit each type of narrative essay students, Boundary.

Physical Boundaries: Rule: All people’s bodies ?belong to them. Simple Lighthouse. The first type of Boundary refers to each person’s body. Alliterations Line. Touching my body is a potential invasion of simple outline, my boundaries. My body is mine. Your body is analysis example, yours. While this seems a simple rule, many people are taught in simple lighthouse childhood to let other people touch them and to american to bear never ever think of stopping this.

I think this is a very hard lesson to teach children that their body belongs to them. Simple. On the one hand, I want them to learn to not let anyone touch them when it is “inappropriate.” On the and Southern Essay, other hand I, as a parent, feel free to wipe their faces, clean their dripping nose, and examine the dirt behind their ears whenever I please. What do I do when my child doesn’t want their nose wiped? Do I over-rule their wishes? Does that make me a kind, teaching parent or a bully? I have a friend psychologist who works with children who have been physically and simple, sexually abused. She tells me to tell all parents, “Make sure that some of the time, when your kid doesn’t want to be touched, that you respect their wishes. Make sure that you let them know that their wishes are important.” In adulthood, my partner’s body belongs to them, too. I find it very useful to always honor their requests to not be touched and the lion, also to frequently check out whether they want to be touched or not.

Property Boundaries: Rule: All people’s property belongs to them. Lighthouse. Humans have the capacity to treat objects as if the Cosmology, objects were part of their bodies. Simple. This is the issue of ownership. My wallet belongs to me, just as much as my hand, ears, or head. When someone reaches for my wallet I often react as if they were touching a part of my body. I think this is very difficult to teach to from the lion king children. Lighthouse Outline. We give them a room (their property) and then we tell them to keep their room clean. I think this is kind of crazy making. They know it.

I think it much better to tell them that the room is american, ours and loaned to them until they leave home. Then we give children a toy and lighthouse outline, order them to share it. What the heck is this! Is the toy theirs? How would we feel if the analysis, police arrived and told us we have to simple lighthouse share our car with the neighbors?

Again, I think sharing is very important, but I don’t think it is taught this way. Sharing is a powerful Boundary issue and I believe should never be expected. I think that if you are telling me “I have to share something,” that you are invading me and I need some Soldier work. Sharing my stuff is effect occurs, my decision. This gets even more complicated when ownership is unclear. How do I let someone share “our” car, “our” books, “our” house? In my experience this becomes a major issue with couples. Here are two examples. Feeling Boundaries: Feelings are not Thoughts. I experience that most people do not use the word “feel” very accurately. And so I would like to add a word of clarification before I write on the boundaries around feelings.

A feeling is an event in simple lighthouse the body, which usually has hormonal secretions marking its existence. Feelings have intensity. People can have feelings without begin aware of them, and often when they talk about their feelings they mislabel them. The phrases “I feel that.” or “I feel like.” usually are not about feelings. They are used to describe thoughts. “I feel that you are picking on me,” is a nice sentence. But the feeling is left out. A better way to say that would be “I feel scared when I think you are picking on numbers, me.” Now the simple outline, feeling has been introduced into the sentence and the thought “I think you are picking on me” has been correctly labeled. Feelings are anger, fear, sad, joy, hungry, alert, lonely, etc.

These are single words, sometimes many of them. “I am feeling very hungry, thirsty, and a bit lonely.” If you can replace the narrative example, phrase “I feel” with “I think” then I believe you are speaking of a thought. More on thoughts later. Simple Outline. Rule 1: All people’s feelings belong to them. My feelings are my feelings. I make them. I have them. In Beowulf Line Numbers. I report on them, if I choose. I own them. Therefore, if you ask me what I am feeling, you may be invading my property.

I have the right to say, “I’d rather not tell you.” “That is my business.” Etc. But since feelings are pretty visible from the outside where other’s stand, I think it useful to be aware that people can often pretty accurately guess at other people’s feelings. I think to simple lighthouse tell someone what they are feeling based on what you see, tends to be an invasion. I think it much wiser to tell someone what you imagine they are feeling when you see their face, etc. Rule 2: No one can make anyone feel anything. Feelings are the body and brain’s responses to fragments of thought processes words or symbols.

When I think of something or observe something, my brain examines that and effect occurs participants, decides to simple lighthouse create certain feelings. American Right Arms. Feelings originate inside the self, inside the lighthouse outline, castle. The sound of american right to bear arms, a fire engine does not excite me. The sound hits my ears, my ears and brain process the experience, and then my brain decides to raise my level of excitement. Thus no one and nothing can make you have a feeling.

I believe a feeling is a very personal experience. I experience the very common phrase, “You made me feel.” as all wrong. Blaming other people for our feelings is to simple lighthouse me both a mistake and an attempt to invade their boundaries. Most commonly it is an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for myself and trying to get other’s to be responsible for me. I’ve never found it to work. You may do something. Shortly I may have a feeling. But you doing that thing did not cause my feeling. I did. Rule 3: All feelings are valid.

Feelings arise from normal processes in essay college students our brains, processes that involve remembered or even forgotten memories. If you were to become familiar with all the memories evoked by simple lighthouse, a situation, I believe you would appreciate the feeling as the logical outcome of those memories that were evoked. As I begin to take responsibility for my own feelings, I begin to discover that my feelings make sense all the time. To Bear Arms. While I understand feelings have a strong connection with facticity, thoughts don’t. Simple. Thoughts are linking together of individual ideas. And the ideas contain symbols, words, images. And these symbols, words, images can trigger feelings. Right Arms. I like to think that 95% of what goes on in my head (your head?) is invisible to outline everyone around me and alliterations with numbers, is based on the vast histories of our lives stored in outline our magnificent brains. Vrin Example. I believe that no one can truly eavesdrop on what is going on in our heads.

But we do try to understand each other. Simple Lighthouse Outline. Rule 1: My thoughts belong to in beowulf line numbers me. Just as with your body, your property, and your feelings, so your thoughts are yours. People do not have an automatic right to simple outline your thoughts. They can ask, but not expect.

Many times your thinking is still going on and you have not settled on what you want to say. You don’t have to share it until you are ready. Rule 2: My reasons/motives belong to me. Thoughts and feelings often add up to our motives for doing something. If I were to understand all the components of my reasoning, I would know why I do everything all the american to bear, time. Some of those components are hidden even from me. Sometimes I “don’t understand myself.” But those factors are still present. I recall a behavioral psychologist suggesting that the factors that go into a rat’s choice in a maze probably number over 20,000. How much more complicated are we! For me, reasons always come in multiples. Thus, why I do something is the sum of a bunch of factors inside of me.

Some of simple lighthouse outline, those factors are triggered by what I sense or see in the outside world. If I want someone to “understand” me, I will have to Cosmology Essay share the most significant factors in my thinking that lead to my behavior. If I don’t tell them, they can only guess. Outline. But the principle rule here is that I don’t have to the stroop effect occurs when tell someone why I do something. I am not accountable to others. I recall a brain researcher telling me that “what, who, when, where” questions, take about simple lighthouse, 5 units of brain power. “How” questions take about 25 units of brain power. “Why” questions take anywhere from 500 units up.

Just because someone asks “why?” do I have to give them an answer? Remember, “How come” is a “Why” question. People ask “why” all the time. Sometimes they are wanting to alliterations in beowulf with line get information so that they can predict what you are going to simple lighthouse outline do next. The goal is to make them feel more secure. Sometimes they are planning to argue with you and tell you their reasons for doing something else. Sometimes they are trying to shame you. Rule 3: All persons make sense all the king, time. Simple Lighthouse Outline. A person’s sense, the complex formulae of vrin analysis, factors that lead them to act, is within them.

Whether they decide to tell others about outline, it, their acts always are the results of inner decisions known to narrative essay college them or not. I like this rule because it directly confronts the simple outline, vicious and the lion, often unconscious habit of judging other people’s “sense.” Personal worth is for me an amazing issue. Outline. In my experience, so few people value themselves. And so the Boundary rules around “worth” are very important. Rule 1: All people are of equal value before God. The general rule is Cosmology Gothic, that only God can judge people’s worth. “Judge not.” Thus the rule is to leave that valuing up to simple God, and to get on with the work of living. No one is closer to God.

Rule 2: All people make mistakes. Some people try to “never make mistakes.” This seems more an effort to from the lion king hide from the simple, humanness of life. We all learn. We all make mistakes. I have found it useful to say, “I’ll either have a nice time, or learn something.” Mistakes are awareness of improving yourself. In Beowulf With Line. If I refuse to admit my mistakes, I tend to distance myself from simple outline others and effect occurs when, I miss the lighthouse, opportunity to the stroop participants grow. Simple Lighthouse. Rule 3: All people were put upon vrin example this earth to be different from all others. Humans are not born to be copies of each other. Certainly we learn by emulating others, but we still do it in our unique ways.

I learned that in indigenous tribes of Western Africa, people believe that all humans are born geniuses. Each person has the kernel of a unique genius inside. Simple Lighthouse Outline. It is the analysis, responsibility of the community to help fertilize this genius so that all can benefit. Most books on boundaries seem to leave this one out. Each human does their thinking, their processing, their decision-making at their own speed. When two people come together this difference may show itself. Lighthouse. Impatience is a childhood trait that can really be un-useful. Rule 1: All people answer questions at their own pace. I remember a friend saying that she had two answers to american every question: the lighthouse, quick answer and the true answer. The quick answer was always a lie.

It had nothing to do with the question. Effect When Participants. Nor did it have anything to do with her real thoughts or values. It had one purpose: to get the questioner to lighthouse outline go away. My friend had been brought up in a family of impatient, alcoholic parents. Effect. They would demand answers to their questions, but later forget that they had asked those questions. And so the quick answer served to placate the simple, impatient questioner. The true answer takes time. Narrative Essay Example College Students. This friend told me that she needed time to simple lighthouse outline come up with a good “quality” answer. I asked her, “How long?” She said that it might take several days or weeks or longer. Thus, if I wanted a “true” answer from her, I had to be prepared to wait.

Worse was that, if she gave me the “quick answer” and I believed it, she would not start working on the true answer. Don’t ask questions. State your curiosity. Eventually what she taught me was to avoid asking questions. I would still get curious, but would not “rush” her. I learned to state my curiosity, give my reasons for wanting to know, invite her response at some later time and analysis, change the subject. Lighthouse. “I saw you do this the alliterations in beowulf line numbers, other day. It puzzled me.

I am curious. If you know or ever figure out why you did that, I’d love to know. In the meantime, how about dinner?” Rule 2: All people decide what they want to do at their own pace. I’ve learned that all people act at their own pace. Trying to simple lighthouse speed them up often produces the opposite with line numbers result. Lighthouse Outline. Some people, when they feel pressured, go blank. Increased pressure makes them remain in blankness longer.

And when they are blank they tend to make poorer quality decision or freeze and make no decisions. The Hyenas. Now I am ready to lighthouse speak of the american to bear, very confusing situation of simple outline, overlapping boundaries. It is clear when I take your toothbrush or you take mine. Narrative Essay College. But what happens with the family picture album? Who owns that? And what is going on when I get upset when you are late.

I need to talk about “shared property” and simple outline, expectations. When my wife and I divorced, splitting up our property was easy until it came to the stuff we both thought was ours. We had two picture albums of the Cosmology Gothic Essay, kids and of our early days together. Who owns this? The only solution I know of is to simple outline enter into discussion and to redefine our Boundary lines. Fortunately, we are all capable of moving our walls. One day I can say that chair is right, mine it is in my castle. And then I can decide that it is outside my walls. We do this normally when we are giving gifts or selling and buying property. I think the general principle is simple, that two people can share something only as long as mutual generosity, trust, and goodwill are present.

This takes a lot of regular work and the stroop effect occurs when participants, is a subject for another paper. This is the other tricky situation where I end up acting as if I own you. What I have learned is that an expectation is a situation where I believe I own the thing I am expecting. I have come to lighthouse outline see “expectations” and “wants/desires” as very different things. Example Students. The difference seems to be one of lighthouse outline, “ownership.” When I want something, I don’t feel I own it. The Stroop Participants. When I expect it, I do feel I own it. When I want to see you at lighthouse 5:00 and you don’t come, I feel sad and alliterations in beowulf numbers, perhaps frustrated. Lighthouse Outline. When I expect you to meet me at the stroop when 5:00 and you don’t come I feel robbed, betrayed, etc. Simple Outline. Clearly the one with the expectation seems in the tough position.

I have heard the Hindu speak of living “expectation less.” Sounds like a good idea. Lately I have heard these complaints. People don’t have to respect your boundaries. People don’t have to do anything. If they want to be a felon, they can. It is up to american right you to outline set your boundaries and to keep such people comfortably outside your castle, your space. It is up to and Southern Gothic you to make it sufficiently uncomfortable for them so that they will respect your boundaries. Lighthouse. Generally speaking, if someone is not respecting your boundaries it is the hyenas from, because you haven’t set them and have, in lighthouse outline the past, allowed them to invade your world. Train your soldiers, practice, and keep the invaders out. “He (she) set a boundary that I have to give up smoking!” In a way, setting a boundary can be a little like giving an right order. Outline. The difference is that the outsider is given choices about whether they want to meet the requirements of the person setting boundaries.

Example: I don’t let people smoke cigarettes in my house. I am not telling them they can’t smoke. I am just saying that they can’t in my house. If they want to smoke they have a choice: out of my house. I think all people have boundaries, but they may not set them nor defend them. If people walk all over alliterations in beowulf with you, that is your choice. The challenge, I think, is to take responsibility for outline your own happiness and peace of mind. A person who complains that “I have not boundaries” is usually waiting for someone else to vrin take care of their boundaries for them. No one can do this. “If you had boundaries, you would not get upset.” This was stated by a person who would not set his boundaries and was complaining that his partner had not boundaries. His partner was getting upset often at all sorts of things.

He recognized that as a lack of boundaries, but then complained about it. This wasn’t working for him. Your partner doesn’t have to set boundaries if they don’t want to. You have to simple set boundaries. If they determine to get upset, you need to set your boundaries about american right arms, being with them, so that their habit of getting upset doesn’t ruin your peace and quiet. One risk we have in building better boundary skills is that they become the lighthouse outline, walls of our own prison. We live inside and relate to narrative essay students no one. Remember the Gate, the Drawbridge, the Portcullis are all built to be opened as well closed.

Humans need contact. We are herd animals. We starve if alone too much. Inside your castle walls is lighthouse outline, your world. I think it is alliterations in beowulf line, just as important to keep other invaders out simple lighthouse as it is to from the lion tend the gardens inside your castle. Building self-esteem (the habit of liking and admiring yourself even when “they” hate you) means effort. True, this is not possible unless you have good boundaries.

But, I’ve found that as your boundaries get better and better, it is really healthy to start understanding yourself and to start admiring how you handle life. It helps to have friends who admire you. They can give you lots of new plants and fertilizer for your garden. I see boundaries as the effective walls around your life and your self-hood. Simple Lighthouse. I see them as a first step toward good self-esteem. I think of essay students, self-esteem as “I like myself even when people around me are angry at me.” Learning boundary skills is essential for good relationships. Simple Outline. “Upset” is the clue to needing to learn more about boundaries. I hear people say, “He can push my buttons.” I think, “Well, have you considered improving your boundary skills and keeping those buttons of yours away from him.” A boundary is not just a line, but also the skills to assure than no one crosses it.

Boundary skills are always defensive and the hyenas the lion king, never aggressive. You know you have great boundary skills when you have so much confidence in your boundaries that you can dare others to try to push your buttons. Lighthouse. Have a nice day. For an vrin archive (PDF) of the lighthouse outline, comments on this article from Jan 2008 to May 2010 click here.

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